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Hypnotherapy FAQs

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What is the subconscious or unconscious mind?

The subconscious or “unconscious” mind is the underground library of your brain. It stores all memories, automatic bodily functions and responses, habits, behaviors, moods, values and beliefs. The primary goal of the subconscious mind is to store all of this information as well as keep you safe and secure. It wants the best for you but is not the analytical type so often things get written into the library of your mind that end up harming you more than helping you. For example, if you had a traumatic experience as a child falling down the stairs and hurting yourself, your subconscious mind writes into your library that heights are dangerous and should be avoided. Your subconscious did this initially to protect you but now you are an adult and want to travel to a faraway destination on a plane with your best friends but your fear of heights prohibits you from booking the vacation. You may no longer fear falling down the stairs and you probably don’t even remember this even as a child but your subconscious remembers like it was just yesterday and wants to protect you.

How does Hypnosis Therapy work?

In a hypnotic or “trance” state brain waves are slowed and a window to the subconscious mind is opened. This is done through extreme relaxation and focus by following the hypnotherapist’s words. Through this process the conscious mind is quieted and though you are still aware of everything that is going on your conscious mind agrees to take a backseat and simply observe while we talk directly to the subconscious mind, therefor powerful changes easily take place.

Is this a form of mind control? Will I tell you anything I do not want to? Do anything I do not want to?

NO!!!! Absolutely not! Stage hypnosis and what you see in movies is nothing like what hypnotherapy actually is. You will be conscious and able minded the entire time. You may fade in and out if you are very relaxed but you will never be subjected to anything you do not desire. If this were the case your conscious mind would simply take over and say NO THANK YOU. You will remember everything, are able to analyze and have your own thoughts, and even open your eyes and sit up at any point if you truly wanted to. This is normal and good! Your subconscious mind is still open and ready to make the changes you desire.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes, nearly everyone can be hypnotized! In fact you are in a state of hypnosis everyday at least twice a day in the morning and evening. A state of hypnosis is simply when your brain waves slow down. As long as you are able to focus on my voice and listen to simple commands you can be hypnotized. 

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is unique so there is no set answer here. Hypnotherapy is not like traditional talk therapy in which you need to return week after week or month after month to see results. Hypnosis is powerful! Typically goals can be met in as little as 2 to 6 sessions! Life changing results can happen fast with the right motivation and intentions. Drastic changes can happen in just 1 session. 


How is hypnotherapy used to remember past events and past lifetimes?

Past Life Regression is a powerful therapy session using hypnosis. Your subconscious mind stores all of your past events- this includes past events from your past lifetimes. Each of us have lived many lives, we have been rich, we have been poor, we have been many different races and been both male and female. Often times we are holding onto emotional and even physical baggage from past life times and remembering these past events can be extremely powerful and transformative. Often times fears, disease, physical pain, skills, goals, ways of thinking, relationship issues, etc. originated in past lifetimes and tapping into this knowledge can give you new insight and understanding as well as heal you on an emotional, physical and soul level.


How can Past Life Regression and Womb Regression be used to help me understand my life purpose?

Many people believe that each of us come to this planet with specific goals and purposes. This knowledge is well understood while we are in our mother’s womb preparing to be born. We are still very much connected to the spirit world when we are in our developing bodies and while in trance you can remember exactly what you are coming here to do. You can also have access to other profound information like why you chose your parents, your body, your personality, and disabilities you have, etc. You chose this life for a reason. Now is the time to fulfill your life purpose!

Your subconscious mind does not take time to rewrite the story or view it from a different perspective so no matter how hard you try to tell yourself that your fears are not rational you find you cannot get over your fear of heights. We cannot change the past, but with the help of hypnotherapy you can change how you feel about the past. If you want to change your life then change your thinking on a deep and profound level through your subconscious mind.

Imagine your brain as an iceberg, the portion that is above the water, the portion you spend most of your time in and can readily access is your conscious mind. But the vast majority of your brain is the subconscious mind- this is the portion under water, the portion you cannot typically access. However powerful changes take place when we use the power of hypnotherapy to access the subconscious mind.

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